Conduct Innovations According to Local Circumstances While Implementing Works

Bhopal : Informing about the priorities of the state government to the Collectors, the Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan told the collectors to administer effective administrative system. he further mentioned that active revenue administration, housing schemes, poor welfare, weaker sections’ programmes, land lease law, corruption free governance, quality health services, education and economic empowerment of women self-help groups, skill development and employment, doubling agriculture income and best implementation of digital India programmes are the priorities of the government. Beside this, Shri Chouhan gave instructions for effective activities by conducting Kisan Sammelan between September 15 to 30, Rozgar Sammelans from November 11 to 30, Swachcha Bharat Abhiyan from September 15 to October 2, Tourism Promotion from October 6 to 25, Financial incorporation from September 25 to October 4 and by conducting campaign of women self-help groups from December 01 to February 2018. Moreover, Shri Chouhan also directed the Superintendents of Police to give utmost priority to law and order situation and to undertake effective prohibitory measures in advance in coordination of administrative officers.

CM Shri Chouhan told the Collectors to develop effective, planned, instant result oriented functioning style for best performance in the top priority sectors of the government besides successful functioning of general responsibilities. Conduct innovation according to the local circumstances. Monthly progress should be sent to the government. On this basis, objective assessment would be made while evaluating officers. Utilise officers for better and instant results. Emphasizing on need to give utmost priority to the revenue administration, he told the officers for redressing all the undisputed cases till November 15. A punitive action will be taken after the due date. Fix the date and time of the revenue courts and officers should be present in the courts. Do not depute employees on V.I.P. duties on these dates. Ensure effective implementation of poor welfare programmes. In context to land lease rule, identify families residing in the district in the month of September which have and do not have lease deeds and also identify those people who are dwelling at improper places. Legal land rights will be made available for residences of landless families of the state between October to December. People residing at improper places will be shifted to proper places with respect.

Moreover, Shri Chouhan told for giving top priority to Prime Minister hopusing scheme. He mentioned that the state tops in this scheme’s implementation. Work should not slow down. Examine the utility of Gramin Awas Mission. Shri Chouhan told to gain trust of the people by making better use and effective action under the CM helpline, public service guarantee act, jan sunwai and samadhan online. He directed to undertake instant prohibitory actions in the field of law and order. He inspired to work as a team while interacting constantly with the police officers. Furthermore, Shri Chouhan told that a list of corrupt employees and officers should be sent to the government to ensure corruption free administration so that action as per the rules should be taken for compulsory retirement besides their removal from the services. Such action will also be taken at state level. He laid special emphasis for making the efforts of weaker section upliftment more effective. Shri Chouhan told for constant monitoring of the Prime Minister’s Mission Antodaya. He informed that 5 thousand 500 gram panchayats have to be made poverty free till 2019. Similarly, pace of works being carried out for doubling the farmers income should not slow down. He stressed on need for agriculture produces price stabilisation by Udhyami yojana being implemented for farmers’ children , custom processing and establishment of hiring centers. Describing the farmers’ convention to be held at block head quarters for doubling the farmers’ income as important initiative, he stated that interaction between the farmers and scientists should be fixed as guideline for the success of these programmes.

Referring to Mil Banche Madhya Pradesh, CM Shri Chouhan laid emphasis on need for initiative towards quality in education. Informing about the women self-help group conventions’ experiences, he described the groups as an effective inspirational source of socio-economic change. Furthermore, Shri Chouhan encouraged for taking innovative initiatives of their effective and positive use utilisation of their products in government schemes, products selling places and marketing arrangements. He mentioned that there are One lakh 87 thousand women self-help groups in the state and 22 lakh families are connected with these groups. Their economic activities will accelerate the pace of state’s economy. He told to hold deliberations with the bankers and their participation in district level conventions. Beside this, Shri Chouhan directed for innovative efforts regarding monitoring regular functioning of aaganbadis in malnutrition affected areas, for providing nutritious meals from 2 to 3 times in a day, availability of nutritious food etc. Moreover, he told to work with strategic skills to tackle seasonal diseases. He also directed for constant monitoring on proper availability, arrangements of doctors, resources besides manpower should be maintained and free tests, medicines distribution, medical services, dialysis etc.

Furthermore, Shri Chouhan told that the programmes of skill development and employment should be made more effective. I.T.Is. should function well. He laid emphasis to pay heed on providing employment or self-employment to the trainees. Shri Chouhan mentioned that the Technical Education department has prepared a data base by registering 6 lakh 75 thousand trained candidates. Utilise this, by benefiting talented needy youth under this scheme. Moreover, he encouraged to make one city and one gram panchayat cashless in order to boost Digital India. He laid stress on wide use of Bhim App by preparing a scheme, efforts for online payment benefit transfers, for constant monitoring of insurance schemes while accelerating the pace of financial incorporation. Shri Chouhan stated that all the divisional commissioner should review the progress of all the priorities during next month holding meeting at Bhopal. He issued directives for monitoring of identified activities of 23 departments of 16 districts situated on the banks of river Narmada, monitoring on training of Narmada Seva Samitis and Narmada Sevaks, monthly review and to send monthly report to the planning, economic and statistics department.

Shri Chouhan directed that a work plan should be prepared and sent to the state government for approval for better utilisation of amount available with the collectors under the mineral fund. Moreover, he told that a report as of September 30 should be sent from districts lacking in rainfall till October 15. Collectors have been informed that the report should be sent according to the manual of December 2016 by holding district level meetings.

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